08 October 2007

Gemini Sun (Committee)

I am the One with the Gemini Sun.
I am the one who likes to have fun.
I am the One who is sometimes two.
The One who can't decide what to do.

I am the One who is Mutable Air.
I am the One who can change like the weather. Unpredictably.

I give you an insatiable curiosity.
I give you the ability to communicate effectively.
I give you an active mind.
I give you the ability to see both sides.

I want you to balance your restless energy with calm introspection.
I want you to trust in your ability to be decisive.

You will remember when you overcome innate boredom by focusing on your many, diverse interests. When you quiet the many conflicting voices in your head and learn to love the twin who is your Self.

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