24 February 2007

Throat Chakra (Companion)

Throat Chakra ~ SoulCollage® (Companion) Crow Totem Animal

I am the One who speaks my truth with clarity and courage.
I am the One whose words are kind and thoughtful.
I am the One pierces the veil of misunderstanding and illusion to reveal a hidden treasure trove of beauty and wisdom.

I give you the freedom to acknowledge long held truths of past hurts.
I give you the ability to write and express yourself with creativity and integrity.

I want you to release the tension which has held you back from expressing yourself freely.
I want you to share your thoughts with others without fear.
I want you to bring forth the cosmic aum, the essence of sound vibration.
I want you to speak out against indifference, intolerance and mediocrity, even when your voice shakes.

You will remember when the sweet whispers of your heart are released in a celebration of song.

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