15 November 2006

Time of the month

Tomorrow I go in for a second surgery in the past six months in an attempt to relieve symptoms of heavy and continuous bleeding. My so-called time of the month has been lasting for months at a time. It’s been draining (all puns intended) to say the least. I have not had my usual enthusiasm for living; I’m tired all the time, due to anemia. Everything I try to do seem to have some other undesirable side effect. I have had days where I’ve taken up to three birth control pills (by doctor’s orders). I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve been bitchy (ok I’ve been more than usually bitchy).

This procedure tomorrow will essentially end my fertility. I will not be able to carry out a pregnancy, BUT I can get pregnant so I must continue using birth control.

I asked my doctor if I am going through "the change" but he assured me that as long as I am bleeding I could not be menopausal. I feel like I am in some nether world of post-fertility and pre-menopause. No longer a maiden and not yet a crone.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I hope all of this went well and that you are starting to feel back to your old self again.
My thoughts are with you.