03 October 2006

Blogging apathy

Blogging apathy, that's what I got. And I blame the media. No, I take that back, they're just the messenger. I don't know who to blame really but it's become way too apparent to me that it is a sick world in which we live.

First there was the rash of baby stealing in the news. So many in one week that I think I may have lost track. Then there were the almost daily school shootings. The reality of which seeps into my psyche and gnaws away at any semblence of security. My 15 year old son said he didn't want to go to school today. Any other week I may have just said "Yeah, right." But today I held my tongue, I couldn't blame him. Who could fault him for feeling sick at his stomach. Still we soldiered on.

And now the media seems focused on this congressional page instant message and eMail scandal. Not that it compares even minutely with the murder of innocents but the fact that these men who claim to be leaders of the free world are nothing more than negligible scum, it just makes me want to bitch slap the lot of 'em. The whole fukcing world seems to be on a souless bender of indescretion and immorality and just plain ol' fashioned meaness.

The highlight of my life last week was the release of George Harrison's Living in the Material World. Because I credit this album with having allowed me to survive my own adolescence in the mid to late 70s, it was nothing less than a baptism for my wounded soul to hear those songs once again.

The lyrics of The Day the World Gets 'Round come to my mind so succinctly right now.

The day the world gets round
To understanding where it is,
Using all its found,
To help each other, hand in hand

The day the world gets round
To understanding where its gone
Losing so much ground
Killing each other, hand in hand
Such foolishness in man
I want no part of their plan - oh no

If you're the destructive kind
Now I'm working from day to day
As I don't want to be like you
I long for the pure of heart
And the ones that have made a start,

But lord, there are just a few
Who bow before you,
In silence they pray,

Oh how they pray for the day the
World gets 'round

Using all they've found
To help each other, hand in hand

The day the world gets round....

I simply pray that God has mercy on us...

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