08 September 2006

Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today marks the day that many Catholics celebrate the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While I am not Catholic by tradition, I am inspired by the Marian convictions and awed by the depth of faith of her followers. I am likewise moved by it's iconology and take solace in the image as Holy Mother, Divine Mother, Earth Mother. She has inspired poets and painters and artists of every age. Her many symbols include the rose, the violet, the lily and the colour blue.


With His kind Mother, who partakes thy woe,
Joseph, turn back: see, where your Child doth sit
Blowing, yea, blowing out those sparks of wit,
Which Himself on those doctors did bestow.
The Word but lately could not speak; and Lo,
It suddenly speaks wonders. Whence comes it,
That all which was, and all which would be, writ
A shallow-seeming Child should deeply know?
His Godhead was not soul to His Manhood;
Nor had time mellowed Him to this ripeness;
But, as for one which hath long tasks, 'tis good
With the sun to begin His business,
He, in His age's morning, thus began
By miracles exceeding power of man.

~John Donne

In Praise of Mary

Hail, holy Lady, most holy Queen,
Mary, Mother of God, ever Virgin.
You were chosen by the Most High Father in heaven,
consecrated by Him, with His most Holy Beloved Son
and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.

On you descended and still remains all the fullness of grace and every good.
Hail, His Palace.
Hail His Tabernacle.
Hail His Robe.
Hail His Handmaid.
Hail, His Mother.
and Hail, all holy Virtues, who, by grace and inspiration of the Holy Spirit,
are poured into the hearts of the faithful
so that from their faithless state,
they may be made faithful servants of God through you.

~St. Francis of Assisi

Holy Mother

Holy Mother, where are you?
Tonight I feel broken in two.
I've seen the stars fall from the sky.
Holy mother, can't keep from crying.

Oh I need your help this time,
Get me through this lonely night.
Tell me please which way to turn
To find myself again.

Holy mother, hear my prayer,
Somehow I know you're still there.
Send me please some peace of mind;
Take away this pain.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait any longer.
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait for you.

Holy mother, hear my cry,
I've cursed your name a thousand times.
I've felt the anger running through my soul;
All I need is a hand to hold.

Oh I feel the end has come,
No longer my legs will run.
You know I would rather be
In your arms tonight.

When my hands no longer play,
My voice is still, I fade away.
Holy mother, then I'll be
Lying in, safe within your arms.

~Eric Clapton

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