14 July 2006

Ray Davies - Warfield 13.07.06

Went to the Warfield in San Francisco last night with An English Boy to see Ray Davies of the Kinks. I feel confident that I am now beginning to get Ray Davies, much thanks to my Baby. Ray is indeed a talented and complicated man. I think it would be fair to say that even genius might apply aptly. But he is certainly an inspiration.

I missed out on the Kinks really, another rotten case of born too late. Yet while I caught to train, albeit a little late in the game, for the BeaTles and the Who->, and finally catching up with the RollingStones, even if only last year, somehow I failed to seek deeper into the catchy radio songs of the Kinks. But there was Ray all along, looming deeper than the sea.

I got caught up in the emotion a couple of times last night. It was really that good. Ray looks great. At 62 he can still shimy & shake. The band was tight. The guitarist (Mark?) was terrific without stealing any of Ray's limelight. Oklahoma USA was sublime. Mardi Gras was explosive. All Day And All of the Night was electrifying. Apeman was total fun. Ray was very engaging, although the acoustics did not enhance his discoursing. Not to mention the people around us making it even more difficult with their inane and constant chattering.

I worried a lot for Ray when I read of his attack in New Orleans in 2004 but he seems to have recovered nicely, judging by his jumps on stage. Born lucky I guess. Like me walking through the Tenderloin after the show, holding tight to my Baby and what do I find but a crumpled up fiver on the sidewalk. But money can't buy sweet lovin' - that's what I got my sweet baby for...Gonna love my baby all the time....

Thanks Ray.

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