03 February 2006

Friday Wrap-Up

Every once in a great while the horrorscope actually seems to fit the reality. Take, for example, today's from dailyhoroscope@astrology.com:

Here is my horoscope for Friday, February 3:

"It's time to clean house -- mentally, that is. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and start organizing concepts, ideas and perceptions that are cluttering up your head. Once you do, your life will have much more order."

Hell yeah....I feel done in by TMI (too much information) syndrome. I have way too many bookmarks saved. Sites that seemed so freakin' relevant when I was there but that I really have no recollection as to how or why I got there or when or if I ever need return. Gertrude Stein (Happy Birthday!) said "Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." How did she know this? The internet had not even been conceived in her lifetime. I have way too many printed articles and notes-to-self to do anyone a damn bit of good. I'm drowning in clutter. Ideas evaporate before they have time to germinate. I have got to find a better way. I need to prioritze.

And for a double-whammy, the Love of My Life's horrorscope was on target as well:

For Taurus,

"Take care of yourself like the valuable resource that you are. While it's tempting to make like the Energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going, you need time to rest, relax and rejuvenate."

Poor baby has been sick for over a week now. I have had to play Big Nurse Ratchet in order to get him to take care of himself. Discovered on Tuesday that he's got a kidney infection. White blood cell count was so high he had to receive immediate intravenous antibiotics. Fevers raging over 102.

Monday we watched the Beatles Let It Be rooftop concert in honor of the anniversary of the monumental occasion.

Wednesday I was listening to CSN Cathedral in honor of Graham Nash's birthday. That is my favorite song by Graham. When I met him he was as nice as could be. He told me his sister's name is Sharon. Can we say "crush"? What a sweetheart!

Wednesday was also GroundHog Day/Candelmas/Imbolc. The LOML and I celebrated by spending a quiet evening in front of our gas fireplace. My son also noted some geese flying north. Can Spring really be far behind? In keeping with the seasons' promise I share these photos. The first montage is from here. The others are from the wonderful website linked here. I don't have more specific credits (sorry) and I'm not even sure what the protocol is for such blog-y things. If I had a digital camera I would post my own photographs. Am I to assume that every photo on a blog is the proprietary creative work of the blogger? Me thinks not. So please just enjoy. Have a great weekend. I'll be watching the Stooper Bowl but I have no favorite since neither of my teams made it (say Chargers, say Redskins - wait till next year), so I'll root for the offense and marvel at the over-priced commercials and dance to the Stones.

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