26 September 2011

I Will Be A Hummingbird

Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, passed on yesterday at the age of 71. Among her many great contributions, she left us this creative and inspirational video. Her singing spirit flies with the hummingbirds.

20 September 2011


Sitting, mindful
Upon an aerie of observation
Contemplating the unseen
Brooding over fragile
Eggs of possibility

Sitting, not in judgment
Not rushing to change
Sitting in the shade
Of a more favorable sun
Rotating like musical chairs

Sitting in meditation
At the blue lotus feet
Of my Divine Mother
Chanting the sonorous murmur
Of a heart’s secret yearning

Sitting, sitting shiva
Silent, woeful lamentation
Mourning the death of ego
Rending the heavy shroud of sadness
To rise from these ashes of burnt offerings

© 2011

(artwork: Knowledge by Alex Grey)

17 September 2011

~ Sunshine ~

I sold my soul for a one night stand
I followed Alice into wonder land
I ate the mushroom and I dance with the queen
Yeah we danced in between all the lines

I followed daylight right into the dark
Took to the hatter like a walk in the park
But then I met her yeah she felt so right
No child of the night yeah was she

They call her sunshine
The kind that everybody knows
Yeah yeah
She's finer than a painted rose
yeah yeah

Her kind of love is what I adore
What kind of trouble am I in for
My kind of heaven lies in hells back door
And I got more than I need

Cause I need sunshine
The kind that everybody knows
Yeah yeah
My sunshine she's finer than a painted rose
Yeah yeah sunshine yeah

I got the karma but it don't come free
I chased that rabbit up her bodhi tree
That caterpillar's tryin to cop a plea
But the smoke ain't got nothing on me

I got to have my sunshine
The kind that everybody knows
Yeah yeah
My Sunshine
She's finer than a painted rose

Sunshine the kind that everybody knows
My sunshine she's finer than a painted rose
yeah yeah
Sunshine yeah!!

15 September 2011


I am the One who is your inner male. The One. The Animus of Jung.
I am the One that knows you to your beautiful, wicked core.
I hold the sacred symbol treasure map and the keys to that locked door.

I give you the rainbow bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. I give you the armour needed to fight the good fight.

I want you to honour your innate reasoning abilities. I want you to have the courage to express your beliefs. I want you to follow your dream guides like a brave warrior stalks the mighty buffalo, and like the noble knight searches tirelessly for the Holy Grail.

You will remember when you lift yourself up to resist inertia and fear. You will remember when you recognize the security you so desperately seek from The Other can only be found in yourself.

Thank you

I want to thank all of the followers of this blog, both new and not so new. Besides myself, YOU are the only reason I do this. As you may know, I have refused to post ads on this blog, so there is really no purpose to it other than my own creative expression. And the fact that you would be even mildly interested in these trivialities humbles me beyond measure. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I am so pleased to be sharing this journey with you.

13 September 2011


The Pisces Moon skitters across
A black slickery sky
Dousing my hallucinatory dreams
In wet, hot perfumed ambergris

Confront this inner darkness
And liberate the mask of ego
Allow the disparate forces
To come together
In the natural harmony
Of an equinox balance
Toward that Libra Sun

Releasing my heavenward arrows of aspiration

For if I am to focus the mind
I must face my fears

Fear of failure

Fear of isolation

While an alabaster heart
Pours out emotional desires that
Only frustrate the dance of two lovers
At their alchemical wedding

So look carefully at choices
As we don our intuitive wings
Thrusting the Ace of Swords
Into the air of analytical mind
Remember where it falls

This blinding truth eclipses all other lies
When one path is chosen
Another dies.

© 2011

11 September 2011

07 September 2011


Golden sky morning
Quiet time meditation
Peace fulfill my day