28 May 2011

A Senseless Story

First string
String quartet
String theory
String me along
String bean
Stingy stripling youth
Studiously strumming
Strung out heart strings
Serendipitous strip tease
Don’t tease…please
Singing stinging
Strophic structures
Stronger sturdy
Stalwart ruptures
Several severed strumpets strolling
Seven seraphim on trumpets trolling
Serenade servile servitude
Platitudes of gratitude
Serrated unsated grated
Serving sestinas for siesta
Gracias. Por Favor.
Set not your sights
Nor your store
Nor sink your tooth
Into this truth: That
What is set aside
Set apart
Will one day
Steal your very heart
Steel your mind instead
Set the stage
Set to music
Set in motion
Striding stringently
Stroking seductively
Stoking intensity
Simmering obscurity
Shining sprinkling sparkly spreading
Saturation masturbation
Stupendous stupidity
Rank rigidity
No safe word
No wafer bird
No one ever heard
Such a silly senseless story.

(c) 2011

27 May 2011

You Belong to Poetry

When you find a man
Who transforms
Every part of you
Into poetry,
Who makes each one of your hairs
Into a poem,
When you find a man,
As I am
Of bathing and adorning you
With poetry,
I will beg you
To follow him without hesitation,
It is not important
That you belong to me or him
But that you belong to poetry.

~Nizar Kabbani

26 May 2011

My Pen

My pen is a like a mighty sword
I wield it like a cock
I never want to lay it down
Tho’ it tends to give a shock

My pen is like a magic wand
To cast a rainbow spell
I dip it in the colours
Of my magic mind’s ink well

The bluish ink that I’ve put down
The countless Bics I’ve drained
The sweat and toil, blood and tears
Have left these fingers stained

But when my pen is quiet
I keep it close to me
Perchance in some dream state
I’ll scribble legibly

For the words from me they do not come
My pen, a mere lightening rod
A quicksilver messenger
From this hand to God.

(c) 2011

23 May 2011

Ego's Upper Hand

Been contemplating my ego, (because, of course, she likes it so much when I do). But I’ve been thinking about how huge and powerful she is. I am so grateful to her for her survival instinct, she has kept this body thriving and she has kept this mind enthused about the life we are living, but sometimes she gets a bit full of herself. She actually thinks she’s running the show!

The ego thinks it to be a sun and not merely a lowly star like the rest of us!

How easily fooled she is! At times like these especially.

My ego wants to believe she is doing us a world of good – and very often, most often she does. She motivates us to get up each day and risk losing herself one more time. However, her motivation is always self-serving, self-actualizing in a selfish sense of superior survival.

She wants to believe her own press.
She wants to believe we can’t survive without her guidance.
She wants to believe she is running the show.

So I’ve watched this buildup for sometime, even saw what was happening on a subtle level but continued to ignore the warning signs and instead focused only on those things that aligned with ego’s selfish view of how things should be; even when the conflicting evidence was incontrovertible. Ego was singing me yet another siren swan song. And in a dervish whirl we tested the fires. Ego all the while pushing and pushing me to see how close we could dance to the flame. And we did dance so ecstatically at first that I didn’t even notice the acrid smell of burning flesh just as the intensity and heat became too much and ego falls back in an exhausted expenditure of energy.

But now what – who pulls me from the flames? Ego again? Maybe; but only in that self-persevering loop. Once again, ego’s job is done with me and I am thrust into the position of having to bandage the wounds of her reckless desires but also gaining insight and compassion in the bargain.

We tangled in the best of ways. We tested each other’s mettle. And I bow to a formable opponent, not a foe or enemy but a good spirit warrior that sharpens the blade upon her opponent’s sword only for the purpose of gaining a more finely honed weapon with which to carry on battle with one’s self. As long as I continue to keep ego in check and narrow ego’s desires to those that serve us well we should prevent getting burned too badly.

But why take my word for it? This video illustrates it so much more beautifully than I can.

Thanks to Paul Coehlo's Blog for sharing. You do want to go full-screen for this. I especially like how the warrior touches her opponent's heart in the end. Sweet!

20 May 2011


I have Nothing to offer you except a full and honest expression of myself. Too few really understand the value of Nothing. That Nothing is more essential than Nothing and Nothing frightens more than Nothing. Nothing is the highest art that seems so deeply foolish. It is useless to the senses. Its imperfect appearance deceives the mind’s need for logic. It’s only when we surrender logic that we achieve a more enlightened intelligence. Intelligence and eloquence depend upon a willingness to be stupid and awkward. This has been my shining satori, a heart breaking open into Nothing.

I want Nothing but.... But what really holds me is the mystery of that spark in someone’s eye that ignites the spine and tells me there is more going on here than I could ever hope to learn in an hour or twenty-four. But it’s all ok too, if I never do.

Whatever we do, let’s not make this an All or Nothing thing. We, you and me, are not the eternal thing. The eternal thing is all of us and everything. I have a deeper understanding of this now. I welcome you with open heart and open arms and consider the luminous wisdom and warmth of friendship that you’ve shown me to be a precious gift. And it is without shame and without pride that I assert I do savor that blessing.

18 May 2011

Hummingbird Medicine

"Hummingbirds are revered in indigenous cultures, especially in Central and South America, where they proliferate. To have Hummingbird as your power animal is indeed very fortuitous!

Hummingbirds are masters of vibration. They can see into the near ultra - violet range (violet is the color of the crown chakra, which connects us with the etheric realms). Their rapidly vibrating wings give them an unsurpassed buoyancy, speed and maneuverability in flight. They can shift from a very swift heart rate while in flight to a very slow rate while at rest, allowing them to conserve energy. Their beauty, delicacy and refinement matches the flowers that they pollinate. Flowers are like chakras and Hummingbirds love red (passion), pink (love) and orange (creativity) flowers and their long pointed beaks and pinpoint accuracy in using them allows them to extract the sweetest nectar.

When we have Hummingbird medicine, we are lighthearted and adept at modulating our frequency, enabling us to fly freely in multidimensional realms. Our mastery of vibration and finely tuned focus allows us to fly with passion, love and creativity, obtaining the sweetest joy - nectar in any situation. When at rest, we can go into deep meditation and when active, we move with grace, refinement and efficiency, excelling at sharing our gifts (pollination) in a way that helps others open their chakras and blossom into the beauty, bliss and freedom of self - realization.

Astrologically, we can see that Hummingbirds embody the qualities of Uranus (unique, flight, freedom), Mercury (swift, agile messenger), Chiron (mastery of vibration, pinpoint accuracy) and Venus (beauty, grace, refinement, delicacy). I humbly offer you the gift of Hummingbird Medicine!" ~Geordie Numata

14 May 2011

Waves on Sand

Waves of euphoric desire
Crash upon sandstone cliffs of doubt
Eroding and crumbling resistance.
Caught in a whirlpool of emotion
Swirling miasmic samsara
‘Till it finds you
and grinds you
and refines you
as silica polishes glass.

The sandpiper peep-peeps
Running in circles
Fleeing the wave
That brings her next meal
While the gull drinks in deep
Of both sea and salt-air
While just beyond a sand dune
A turtle buries her eggs
Like secret seeds
Of future dreams
Her lonely life just begs.

And we make love
In the sand
On waves of tumult and calm
Caressingly lap at wet bodies
Foamy aphros bubbles up
Euphorically lifted
On pounding surf
Riding each
As it rises and swells
Undulating sensation
Carried up as yet unfamiliar streams
Back to the Source
Sated. Yet, hungering more.

(c) 2011

Take This...

I have no want for meal tickets
When your one word is my daily bread
My only nourishment
This Blessed Sacrament
A daily requirement
Of bodily entanglement

Take this cup…
(and this) to wet your lips

Take this bread…
let it feed my soul.

(c) 2011

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13 May 2011

Saturn in Aquarius

I am the One who has Saturn in Aquarius.

I am the one who can Quiet the Mind, Focus the Attention and Gain Intuition.

I am the one who hates to waste time!

I am the mother who tells you to wear sensible shoes.

I am the drill sergeant who busts your ass in Basic to save your ass on the battlefield.

I give you common sense and the ability to find the common denominators in common relationships; To see the ties that bind.

I give you lessons learned by limitation.

I give you no shortcuts to the top.

I want you to set aside the Ego and find the Impartial Truth of Universal Law.

I want you to submerge certain instincts in order to accomplish goals and make dreams a reality.

I want you to be aware of the passing of time.

I want you to soldier on.

You will remember, by slowing down, the values of Maturity, Patience and Sacrifice, either for later, greater gratification or for the Good of All.

04 May 2011

Stronger Than Feeling

Stronger than passion, stronger than pride
No science predicted the astronomical tide
The flood of emotion as deep as the sea
Your love, like the ocean, washed over me.

The world now seems smaller and yet ever turning
Will time and distance only quell the yearning?
Where arms and lips have yet to find
Spirits have lingered, intertwined.

Whispers in the dark awake sleeping memory,
Arousing ancient dreams and timeless reverie
If passion burned eternal and love was truly healing,
Could we still say we’re stronger than our feeling?

Oceans of time cannot keep us apart
You’re closer to me than the beat of my heart
For as the sky has no vow with the sea
Still they are for all eternity.

© 2002

01 May 2011

Holy Whore

I am the One who is the Holy Whore
I am the Sacred Prostitute
I am the One who is called many names

I am Inanna
I am Ishtar
I am Astarte
I am Isis I am Venus
I am the Magdalene and the Madonna
I am Lilith I am Eve

I am the daughter of Hieros Gamos
I am the Rose of Sharon
I am the Radiant Star

I give you access to the Soul through the senses of the body
I give you the Twin Flame of Spiritual Force and Sexual Joy
I give you sex as prayer

Like the rose I am sweetest when fully opened to my spiritual, sexual, creative core

I want you to embrace the Divine Feminine, the Inner Sanctum, the Goddess Within
I want you to honour your Holy Spirit
I want you to bare witness to the Secret Joys and Silent Wisdom of a vulnerable heart center
I want you to be a guardian and an inspiration for the poetic soul

You will remember when you engage in honourable interactions of ecstatic intimacy with the Anointed One

You will remember when the pomegranate seed between your tooth and tongue bursts open and that tart juice trickles across your lips and is met with a kiss from the Divine